Celebrity Probe

This section of the website probes the personalities of celebrities or famous people by using public information and interviews to answer personality test questions. The results are speculative and debatable but offer an interesting starting point for exploring personality characteristics and the tests available on this site.

Donald Trump - Cooperation Test


The possible range of scores is between 10 and 50. The neutral score is 30.

10 █████░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 50

Your score is 18.

A score above 30 indicates a tendency toward cooperation, while a score below 30 indicates a tendency away from cooperation. The farther your score is from 30, the stronger the tendency.

1. Have a sharp tongue.

Somewhat Accurate

2. Am easy to satisfy.

Somewhat Inaccurate

3. Contradict others.

Somewhat Accurate

4. Love a good fight.

Very Accurate

5. Can't stand confrontations.

Somewhat Inaccurate

6. Yell at people.

Somewhat Accurate

7. Insult people.

Somewhat Accurate

8. Get back at others.

Somewhat Accurate

9. Hate to seem pushy.

Very Inaccurate

10. Hold a grudge.

Somewhat Accurate