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The Enneagram Symbol

The Enneagram personality types consist of nine types represented by the numbers on the Enneagram symbol (i.e., types 1 through 9). Labels are sometimes used with the types as well. For example:

  1. The Perfectionist or Reformer
  2. The Giver or Helper
  3. The Performer or Achiever
  4. The Romantic or Individualist
  5. The Observer or Investigator
  6. The Loyal Skeptic or Loyalist
  7. The Epicure or Enthusiast
  8. The Protector or Challenger
  9. The Mediator or Peacemaker

In addition to the nine types there are also subtypes and variations within type defined by additional concepts such as wings, instincts, and Tritype. Visit for tests that explore these subtypes and variations.

Available Tests

Enneagram Type Preferences Test

Enneagram personality type preference test. Ranks the nine types according to how much you identify with core elements of each type.