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NEO-PI Traits and Facets

NEO stands for Neuroticism, Extraversion, and Openness to Experience - three of the Big Five or Five-Factor Model (FFM) traits. The NEO-PI (Personality Inventory) incorporated the two additional Big Five traits of Agreeableness and Conscientiousness. In addition to the five traits, the NEO-PI also measures six sub-traits or facets of each Big Five trait.

  • Trait: Agreeableness
    Facets: Trust, Morality, Altruism, Cooperation, Modesty, Sympathy
  • Trait: Conscientiousness
    Facets: Self-Efficacy, Orderliness, Dutifulness, Achievement-Striving, Self-Discipline, Cautiousness
  • Trait: Extraversion
    Facets: Friendliness, Gregariousness, Assertiveness, Activity Level, Excitement Seeking, Cheerfulness
  • Trait: Neuroticism
    Facets: Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Self-Consciousness, Immoderation, Vulnerability
  • Trait: Openness to Experience
    Facets: Imagination, Artistic Interests, Emotionality, Adventurousness, Intellect, Liberalism

The tests available on this site that relate to the NEO-PI constructs are:

  • A 100 item comprehensive test covering all five traits
  • A 300 item comprehensive test covering all thirty facets
  • Five separate 20 item tests each covering one of the five traits
  • Thirty separate 10 item tests each covering one of the thirty facets

Items for all the tests come from the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP).

Available Tests