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Enneagram Symbol

The Enneagram personality types consist of nine types represented by the numbers on the Enneagram symbol (i.e., types 1 through 9). Labels are sometimes used with the types as well. For example:

  1. The Perfectionist or Reformer
  2. The Giver or Helper
  3. The Performer or Achiever
  4. The Romantic or Individualist
  5. The Observer or Investigator
  6. The Loyal Skeptic or Loyalist
  7. The Epicure or Enthusiast
  8. The Protector or Challenger
  9. The Mediator or Peacemaker

Although it is often said that we are all nine types, one type in particular will fit us best. This primary or basic type is the one that we use most and best describes us.

Two people may have the same Enneagram type but that doesn't mean they will express it in exactly the same way. A number of additional concepts such as wings, instincts, and tri-center are used to account for these variations.

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